We’re official! The Cancer Prevention Movement has been a true labor of love. I am enthusiastically looking forward to serving all of you. The services that we offer break down into 3 Main Categories:


1. Cancer Risk Consultations with personalized prescriptions for screening and prevention based on your individual risk (make sure to take our Free Self-Assessment!);

2. Health Coaching to help you to acquire and maintain the healthy habits that maximize long-term health, wellness, and longevity; and

3. Education about health and cancer from a proactive point of view, to empower those who have never heard the “C-word” from a doctor to keep it that way, and to support those who have conquered cancer to remain cancer-free. Educational materials, which take the form of books, infographics, online tutorials, interactive workshops, and an up-to-date newsletter, are constantly being developed. Please monitor our Home page to see What’s New and Upcoming. Our Blog is also a good way to keep updated.


Click HERE to read more details about What We Do.

Click HERE to get started learning about Your Personal Cancer Risk (the best place to start!).

And click HERE to read more about me, my background and credentials, and why I am the perfect person to provide you with the knowledge that you need to keep your life focused on health and WELLness, instead of ILLness.


Please allow yourself to “get to know me” by browsing through this site. I encourage you to send messages through our Contact Us page to let us know what items you most want to know about with regards to cancer risk, causes, screening, and prevention. We need your feedback in order to know what content is in the most demand, so we can effectively increase awareness and work toward a cancer-free world!


I look forward to hearing from you.


In service and health,

Dr. Mel

P.S. Ironically, today, March 29, is also my sister’s birthday. So, today I shall dedicate this inaugural Welcome! message to her (I love you, Jen!). To read more messages that I have written for the world to see, please see my BLOG.


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