Spring Crossroads

With Easter and Passover behind us, I am now reflecting on a crossroads.

Just prior to the spring holidays, it was Nutrition Awareness Month (and before that, Cancer Prevention Month!).

And today marks the beginning of the 10-week countdown to summer

Yikes! This year is flying by so fast!!

So with that being said, it’s time to prepare for bikini beach days! Who is ready for some coaching support to achieve your summer body goals? ??

As you can see from the calculations in the image above, if you start now, it is totally feasible to shed 10-25 pounds before it’s time to step on a beach. So don’t delay!

And it’s not just about looks… Next week I’ll tell you all about the important health benefits of staying slim and trim.

Until then, book your appointment to explore Health Coaching today. And, if you email me, I will send you my 10-week fitness challenge too! ??

To your health,

Dr. Mel


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