Death of the Diet

“The key to achieving long-term health is not to follow a diet mindset,

but rather to establish healthy habits that last year-round.”


How cancer develops is complex, but we know that obesity, physical inactivity, stress and the immune system, tobacco and alcohol use, and environmental pollutants all play an important role (you can read more about this in my books). With the exception of tobacco use, the biggest risk factor is obesity [1]. I will go into more detail about this next week!

For now, I want to impress upon you that, in addition to cancer, obesity also leads to so many other common forms of disease and suffering in our society. Most notably are diabetes (high blood sugar), hypertension (high blood pressure), and hypercholesterolemia (poor cholesterol levels), all of which are associated with heart disease and stroke.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT because the most frequent causes for disease-related death in adults are heart disease and cancer. In fact, almost two decades ago, cancer surpassed heart disease as the #1 cause for disease-related mortality in all adults with the exception of the very elderly, defined as age 85 and older [2]. How many of you knew that?

Although medicines can manage most of these diseases, it is much better to prevent them. So much suffering could be averted, medical costs saved, and time gained to spend enjoying loved ones, if we could keep more people healthy and off medicines! And when it comes to cancer, the diagnostic tests and cancer therapies are so expensive, that many cancer patients, if they survive, suffer from medical bankruptcy.

Prevention of all of these metabolic diseases, or at least minimizing their risk or impact on your life, is totally achievable by living a consistent healthy lifestyle. But it is so much easier said than done! How many of you have set goals and resolutions, only to abandon them? Well, you’re not alone! Studies show that only 8% of Americans keep their New Year resolutions. And, the #1 New Year resolution topic in both the US and Britain has to do with losing weight and/or eating more healthy [3, 4].

In fact, if you look at the graph below, you will see that while most of us fall off the wagon sometime during the month of January, those who establish healthy habits by spring (months 3-6 on the graph) are more likely to continue to stick to their resolutions through to the end of the year.

The fact that we almost all fail within the first month should not be discouraging, but rather demonstrates the importance of community, accountability, and support. The key to achieving long-term health is not to follow a diet mindset, but rather to establish healthy habits that last year-round.  And according to the data that I summarized for you above, Right Now is the crucial time of year to get support! 

Let us empower you with the tools and community to achieve your health goals with success. Our Health Coaching Program includes an accountability coach, a supportive community, and nutritional programs that work. Learn more by visiting our Health Coaching page.

And, don’t delay!  Your health depends upon it.  Plus, if you didn’t see it, last week I talked about how it is totally feasible to lose 10-25 pounds between now and summer.  So that is another reason why it is a good time to start now.  In fact, we’re doing a 10-week fitness challenge right now to prepare for summer.  If you email me, I’ll send it to you.

We would love to have you join us!

To your health and success,

Dr. Mel


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March 17, 2018 in Jaco, Costa Rica


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