I have learned through personal experience, as well as from observing the same phenomenon in friends, family, and patients over the years, that true wellbeing extends far beyond our physical health.

I think of wellbeing as being in a delicate balance on a 3-legged stool:

  • One leg is our physical health,
  • One leg is our emotional health, and
  • One leg is our financial health.


When all legs are strong, our wellbeing is stable. But, if any leg is wobbly or falling short, then we are out of balance. As a play on balance, I have created a model (see below) that riffs on the symbol for Triality, which is like Yin-Yang but with 3 co-equal parts: Longevity, Serenity, and Prosperity<img class=

Lack of 360-wellness leads to illness. Therefore, to help you take proactive measures to stay healthy and avoid disease, I am creating 3 communities to support each of these aims:

  • The Longevity Community – focuses on improving physical health through nutrition and physical activity;
  • The Serenity Community – focuses on improving joy, connection, and other emotional aspects of thriving; and
  • The Prosperity Community – focuses on living with an abundance mindset and other practices that lead to the creation of wealth, prosperity, and legacy.


I welcome you to join any or all of these communities and take your life to the next level! <img class=

To your health,Dr. Mel

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