Thank you for including the Cancer Prevention Movement in your contributions for Giving Tuesday. Your purchase will make a difference!

We have some thoughtful add-ons to your gift:

Believe Charm

This sterling silver charm is full of faith in our power to make a difference, together. It is available to you for $24.99.

The addition of this simple yet powerful “Believe Circle” charm to your “Together We Can Make A Difference” charm will leave you with even more

Buy one for yourself, then purchase more for those you love, and send this important message to all who see you, that you support the Cancer Prevention Movement!  Do you believe in a Cancer-Free World?  We do!

Description: Sterling silver plated charms are a circular and engraved with a ribbon and the word “Believe”. Each measures approximately 3/4 inch in diameter.

We are also offering a sterling silver necklace as the perfect way to display your Cancer Prevention Movement charms.  Add this 17-inch snake chain to your gift, and you have a complete ensemble, perfect for yourself or for your gift giving.

In addition to the “Together We Can Make A Difference” charm and the “Believe Circle” charm, we are offering this sleek snake chain necklace to show off either one, or both, charms in an elegant way.

Description: Sterling silver plated 17-inch snake chain necklace with a lobster clasp. Each chain comes in a bag.

This silver necklace is available for $29.99. If you would like a gift box for your charm(s) and necklace, that is available for an additional $1.00.

Buy one or more for yourself and those for whom you purchased charms. 

Up to 5 of each item are available per person.

Shipping and handling are free for purchases of $50 or more. Remember, all proceeds benefit the Cancer Prevention Movement to decrease the cancer burden worldwide.

Thanks again for your support!

Our Founder’s Story:

Over two decades as a medical oncologist, first at the University of Washington and then at the City of Hope and USC, I witnessed many patient stories.  But then my uncle died of leukemia, and my grandmother of lung cancer.  It had become personal!  So, I changed my strategy, went back to graduate school to study epidemiology and genetics, and focused on cancer prevention, first in families with cancer-associated gene mutations.  But, only 5-10% of cancers are hereditary… I wanted more impact!

Then came the day that changed my life: cancer.  I was diagnosed with melanoma—cured with surgery alone, because, fortunately, I knew how to recognize it early.  Everything changed when I took a step back from taking care of everyone else and gave myself permission to take care of myself.  I began a long, slow, but deliberate path to “Physician, Heal Thyself.

Along my journey, I created the Cancer Prevention Movement in March 2018.  The Cancer Prevention Movement grew from my declaration at the release of my first book in February 2017 that “Cancer will cease to exist as we know it by the year 2030!”

Thank you for your participation in our mission-driven movement.  It is an honor to be part of an effort that has the potential to make a significant change in the way we think about health, by empowering health-conscious people like you to take charge of your health while you still have it!

– Melanie R. Palomares, M.D., M.S (“Dr. Mel”)

I do not choose to make a purchase or donation right now, but I do want to JOIN the Cancer Prevention Movement and be a part of this important work to shift the way people think about cancer prevention, from reactive to proactive. Keep me in the loop for future opportunities for promoting cancer-free living, for myself and everyone I know, love and care for!